I prefer you to look at the boobies on my arm instead.


8 responses to “

  1. Her belt kinda looks like a penis…

  2. Sporting a beehive and tattoos…..HOT! She’s like an 80 year old merchant marine’s dream.

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  5. i dont kare but amy winehouse
    still ROCKS !

  6. right!Amy Winehouse rocks..that`s how she is..

  7. Jesus Bruce God

    She looks like a toothless tacky tattooed terror – a bona-fide fashion fiasco.

    I’ve seen two bit street hookers with more class.

    Did she want to end up looking like a complete slag?

  8. I may be predjudiced at times when my penis leads me in directions I would otherwise not follow, She is definately a hundred yard chick, I thought she might be okay when I saw her from across the room but the closer I got the further away I wanted to be or at least thought I shoulda been plastered. but sheeeeeeet after a couple beers I still hit it…lol I must go throw up now, I smell like moldy cheese 😦

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