Rhianna: Warrior Princess


Rhianna’s live show, lauded for it’s intricate choreography and dazzling pyrotechnics, took a turn for the worse when she came on stage, not only dressed as Xena, but also invoking the character’s persona.  She yelled to a confused audience: “I’ll slay all the Centaurs in this village!”  Then won the crowd back over with a remix to Pon de Replay.

14 responses to “Rhianna: Warrior Princess

  1. Hey, Timmy…Do you like movies about Gladiators? Have you ever seen a grown man naked?

  2. She is a triple threat. Sings, dances, fetish hooker. Is that a lamp shade she has around her waist?

  3. LOL @ the Xena reference. I love it! 🙂

    She [Xena] wasn’t all that dominatrix looking (plus her costume was a beautiful bronze). In fact, thats more akin to Callisto’s costume.

    Yeah, I watch the show..

  4. Looks more like ‘Catwoman’ does ‘Swan Lake’. Lucy Lawless would spank her. With handcuffs.

    …and a ball-gag.

  5. Tito Lívio de Oliveira Santos Torres

    Arghhh! She looks like : “Old aunt Call”
    And now Xena isn’t fighting with the centaurs!

  6. That´s ridiculous. She doesn´t know anything about the serie. Poor Xena, and poor Lucy Lawless.

  7. Xena wearing high-heels?No way!

    It’s sooooo ridiculous, the costume has nothing to do with Xena…
    She’s more like Call, but still….Callisto would never wear such a ridiculous costume…Disgusting.

  8. And then people say that Xena was ‘trash’…I wonder Why they think that….with so good examples from this adorable singers *ironic mode on max.*

  9. Rhianna, don’t move! There’s a chakram flying towards you!!

    She’s lucky there was no xenites among the crowd…

  10. yeah, André, she is.
    Probably she would leave the stage with a sai on her butt or a chakram stucked on her head.

  11. Não lembra nem de longe…

  12. C’mon you’re not Xena. And if you’re trying to copy someone, please do it the right way.

  13. xena doesn’t dress like that haha

  14. iaiaiaiaiaiai

    ‘the chakran flying’

    rihanna dead =]]]

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