Cot Carrot Tup

Carrot Top, determined to work his way up from the D-list, vowed to not stop lifting weights until someone sees what a talented actor he is or until his deltoids are frightening enough to get him a guest spot on Heroes.


15 responses to “Cot Carrot Tup

  1. He totally draws those eyebrows on!!

  2. He had to have had shoulder implants….I mean them shits do not look right.

  3. synthol…

  4. roids much?

  5. although they really don’t look proportionate, it’s really pathetic how every time someone has some muscle, every jealous whimp out there has to say ” oh…. roids.” you don’t have to use roids to get built. you just have to lift and eat right.

  6. google a steroid called synthol you fuckers. it’s called a site injection/pump n’ pose. It literally makes your muslces look bigger by filling them with fluid, no shit. synthol is i guess considered a type of steroid but not like the ones your thinking of

  7. Nate Weisenberger

    I’d just like to know the truth. I’ve seen an interview of him on bodybuilding. com and he said that he’s always lifted weights since high school. He said that one day he decided to devote more time to it because he’s not always on stage. So i figure that it is possible to look the way he does if one has the time to do it. At the same time, I can see how he may use various supplements that anyone can get from a nutrition store. I’d just like to know what the facts are.

  8. does it really matter? i mean, roids or not, you can’t just take them and build muscle. there’s still a ton of work involved. He’s got a hot body. can’t say i like the pans riding off his ass, but if i get to see ass becasue of it — hey! i’ll take it. 🙂

  9. those are shoulder implants for sure and if he is on “roids” who fucking cares lots of people are on “roids” and really there is no proven fact that they are even bad for you so fack off. if your jelous of someone elses size. go to the gym and eat pasta

  10. like the person above who the fuck cares if the guy juices he was a tiny dude tht didnt get no ass if i was him i would shoot about 10cc’s a day and the fact tht ppl frown upon those who do juice why dont u grow a sack and do it and stop bitchin if u dont want to

  11. Well,I guess when your famous and look like that you’ll be under scrutiny of the public and press,he’s in good shape for his age but if he is on roid’s I hope he get ‘s off and maintain’s with heavy weight’s, creatine ,amino acid’s and protien powder,yes, you don’t need the roid’s.HaHaHa the scary clown!He look’s better and more like a man without all that make up n shit though.

  12. lol, saucebag, thats funny. grow a sack and shoot up. hahaha, not like roids don’t shrink your sack.lmao. go research you dumb fucking bitch. maybe you’ll learn something. doubt it tho.

  13. guys, it is very obvious he is using steroids, so i dont see why you have this discussion ongoing. not just steroids, hes probably using synthol, which is even worse than steroidss. very obvious: his progress his been huge in very little time, huge freaky veiny muscles, bigger face while he gets a lower body fat and ripped abs, and in some pics of his he has bitch tits. please, dont be morons, he uses steroids and everyone is well aware of it

  14. Such a shame that he would take the easy way out and use steroids… The muscles do not have the appearance of being real, and what is worse, if you listen his voice has deepened, most likely from the drugs…. what a shame

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