Boy George Cries for Stardom


I can only cry out of one eye. Isn’t that weird–Do you want my autograph–Do you want a picture with me–Hold on let me put on my I’m-surprised-and-kinda-scared face–No! Don’t leave–Look at me–I’m weird Boy George, remember??? Did I show you my giant star of David??

3 responses to “Boy George Cries for Stardom

  1. Dear LORD! I looks like Uncle Fester and Marilyn Manson made a baby!

  2. He knows all there is to know about the crying game. Good luck in your new profession Boy. Actually there really aren’t that many Jewish pimps.

  3. Looks like his clothing line is really taking off. I saw Brad Pitt and Barrack Obama wearing that SAME jacket last week. I wonder if the glitter-glue constitutes as an autograph….

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