Amy Winehouse Weighs Less


Tragedy befell Amy Winehouse last week when she accidentally knocked her trademark beaufont off of her head while leaning out a window. This photo was taken moments after the mass of tangled weave landed on an innocent passerby. The woman, who has yet to be located, misconstrued the hair for aggressive wildlife and was overheard screaming: “Oh God I’m being attacked, oh God no!” Soon realizing she had been pelted with famous hair, the woman picked up the beaufont, clutched it to her chest, and fled the scene.

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3 responses to “Amy Winehouse Weighs Less

  1. Are you sure that isn’t Robert DeNiro?

  2. I’ll get you my pretty…if it’s the last thing I do!!!

  3. Hey wait, is that guy selling dollar liquor shots?Just go to rehab. You totally misunderstood the “Just Say No” campaign.

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