Danny Bonaduce=Chuck Norris


During the FOX Reality Channel Really Awards, Danny Bonaduce power slammed reality show wash-up, Johnny Fairplay.   After eating some floor, Fairplay left the stage, but a few of his teeth did not.  Witnessing the overpowering display of strength, the audience momentarily mistook Bonaduce for The Chuck Norris.   Only after Bonaduce spoke into the microphone:  “Hey–It’s just me… Danny Bona-douche!” Sense was quickly made of the situation.


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7 responses to “Danny Bonaduce=Chuck Norris

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  2. The new Johnny Fairplay Ass Hat takes some practice to wear properly.

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  4. Right before the vicious attack, Danny yelled, “If you wanna BE tha man, you gotta BEAT tha man” and then proptly showed off his WWF big ass belt buckle.

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