Ghostrider Violates Nick Cage


Yesterday morning around 2:00am, Nicolas Cage woke to find Robert Furo wandering around his home wearing his clothes.  Cage escorted Furo, who was initially passive, to the backyard where Furo became agitated.  Furo proceded to light his head on fire and scream, “I’m the Ghostrider!  Hiyah!” which Nicolas Cage said “made no sense” because the Ghostrider was not trained in karate at all.  With his head ignited, Furo jumped on his rented Harley, immediately crashed, and exploded the motocycle.  “Damn.  That was way better than my shit movie,” commented Cage.

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5 responses to “Ghostrider Violates Nick Cage

  1. Nicholas Cage decided to change his normal routine of just signing autographs to tounge kissing his loyal fans. After laying a good one on this Burka clad man, Nicolas was dismayed to discover that he had the scary guy from Star Wars coming up next…

  2. Nick Cage and John Lovitz. Acting!

  3. Hey, wait…isn’t that the dork that’s hanging out with Pamela Anderson?? Is he making a sex tape with Nicholas Cage too? Is no one sacred???!

  4. it’s a very good film Nicolas Cage`s movies are the best congratulations man!

  5. Is your name Orlando Penis?

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