Paris Hilton Verbally Punched (also literally)


Paris Hilton was the guest of dishonor on last Friday’s Late Show with David Letterman. Many have already read how Letterman verbally bashed Hilton and incessantly asked embarrassing questions about her jail time. What many don’t know is that after going to commercial at the end of the interview, Letterman actually socked her in her dirty, criminal mouth. As fate would have it the entire audience rushed the stage and pummeled the 95 lb. Hilton until she was unrecognizable. Here is a picture taken after the crowd was pacified:


Seen here: Paris Hilton beaten into Nick Nolte.

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9 responses to “Paris Hilton Verbally Punched (also literally)

  1. You’re a stupid idiot..

  2. I know that Nick Nolte is not anyone’s favorite actor, but there’s no need to be cruel. Thanks for the page hit!

  3. Wow. Paris looks good in the Hawiian shirt…for the record, Nick Nolte is MY favorite actor!! So just leave his tortured, drunk soul alone! If he and Paris have a bond then let them be!

  4. If they really had pummeled her…..That would be like a Make A Wish dream come true.

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  8. Interesting Post! By the way, I’ve seen new Paris Hilton Sex Tape! It’s shocking!

  9. go to for pictures of hot girls!!

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