Paris Loves Wildlife


In an attempt to regain public acceptance, Paris has formed an alliance with the animal-friendly PETA.  She was so thrilled about doing something good for the world (as opposed to raping it for all it’s worth), that she started adopting feral animals.  Seen here, Paris finds a new pet.  Onlookers said Paris jumped out of her limo, ran over to the rodent, and immediately picked it up to kiss it.  Said Gordon Firth, a local bum, “I didnt’ have the heart to tell her it had just been eating all types of rotten meat, stuff even I won’t eat,” referencing the garbage containers in the background of the picture.

Read about a real PETA member: Pamela Anderson 

Now that you’ve read about someone you wish would be shot, read about someone who really has been: 50 Cent

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6 responses to “Paris Loves Wildlife

  1. Paris, “Oh noooo!! This was my favorite wrap around!! Maybe I can spit on the stain and it will come out….”

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  3. Fearful of contracting VD from Paris, the ferrett immediately went to the free clinic for a check-up.

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