Britney’s Gimme (no) More Video


After the director of Britney’s new music video spoke out about the shoot, the true reason why she lost custody of her two sons has at last been uncovered.  On the set, it seems Britney took her stripper concept one step too far.  Britney tried to defend the situation herself in a press conference:  “I just needed an honest opinion, y’all.  I wanted to know if fully strippin was too much [for the video], so I tested it with Sean P. and Jayden.  I just wanted someone to say the truth to me for once!  Who was I supposed to ask?  My head voices weren’t talkin to me when I needed them!”

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3 responses to “Britney’s Gimme (no) More Video

  1. Since no one in America has been spared viewing every intimate part of Britney’s body in some way or another, producers suggested a turtle neck, jeans and jacket for the new video.

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