Hannah Montana: First Preggers, Now This?


After multiple parent complaints, authorities are looking into the possibility of foul play concerning ticket sales of the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concert: The Best of Both Worlds.  After prices rocketed past those of more established musicians such as Bruce Springsteen and The Police, eyebrows began to raise.  Days later at the concert, twelve and thirteen year old girls wearing sparkley t-shirts mingled with men wearing bananas and platinum teeth.


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12 responses to “Hannah Montana: First Preggers, Now This?

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  2. I hear Hannah Montana can do a mean Soldier Boy…maybe pop, lock and drop it?

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  8. miley is fat…and ugly

  9. Miley,
    You don’t worrie about rumors.
    I have a site coming out in the spring ;that let’s go of all of the stupid rumors!!you can do anything you set your mind to!!!


  10. miley, we all know you’re not pregnant..that’s just a stupid rumour! can you tell me, how do i convince my parents to move to franklin tennessee? xx

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