Lindsay Lohan Released, Recommitted


Lindsay Lohan has been release from rehab after a stay that began in August of this year. Upon her release, Lohan sent this message exclusively to Lights Camera Caption:

“I’m so grateful to be out of rehab. Thank you to all the fans who supported me through this difficult time. I feel like I’m now a better person in every way. And to Lights Camera Caption: F*** you guys. All of you can suck my d***. Quit playing around because it’s not funny, and no one laughs. Ever.

Ironically, Lohan was ordered to attend anger management classes after an anonymous source submitted certain hate mail to her former rehab clinic.

Read more about people who should be in anger management: Danny Bonaduce (tossing Johnny Fairplay)

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4 responses to “Lindsay Lohan Released, Recommitted

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  3. This Lindsay dating Chesare Bono thing is going to be paparazzi mania! LOL.

  4. What died outside of that rehab center? It looks pretty stinky….maybe it was Lindsay’s career??

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