Britney Confused By Taco Bell


On the first night of their reunion, Britney treated her mother and sister to a five star meal from Taco Bell. It became more difficult than she had originally hoped when she forgot how to order from a drive through. Yelling into her rolled-up window, the attendants found it difficult to place the order. After the paparazzi relayed the order for her, they were also kind enough to give her pointers on how to drive since Britney had some trouble with that too. No word yet on the validity of her California driver’s license or on whether the judge should order her to seek a drive-through-window license.

Sadly, none of this is fake. Click the image above for the video from TMZ.

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4 responses to “Britney Confused By Taco Bell

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  2. Adding to Britney’s loooong list of recent offensive activities, eyebrows raised when she kept yelling that she had a craving for Mexi-CAN’T food….

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