Pamela Anderson Weds At Magic Show


As predicted by Lights Camera Caption (and the rest of the world), Pamela Anderson has married Rick Solomon. Pamela was a beautiful bride dressed in a white denim dress with her hair flowing down over her circus-freak breasts. The bride, who is now performing in Las Vegas as a side kick to magician Hans Klok, and her groom were wed during the intermission of Klok’s two evening shows. Wedding guests included Tobey Maguire and Lukas Haas. When asked how long they had been friends with the couple, Spiderman replied: “Oh we aren’t. We were catching the magic show and thought this would be a great encore. Are they selling T-shirts?”

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2 responses to “Pamela Anderson Weds At Magic Show

  1. Word is on the street, Han’s new favorite lines to shout out at his shows =

    ‘I’m gonna make this disappear like Pamela’s dignity/virginity/real boobs…’

    “Other magician’s are going down like Pamela did in the video with Tommy”

    The comment’s are endless.

  2. so fukin what fat cow if shes out with a bent shot she might go poof

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