Demi and Ashton (oops) Nude Photos


A cab driver has found Ashton Kutcher’s cell phone with close to thrity images of Ashton and Demi Moore in compromising photos.  The cab driver has demanded $1 million dollars for the return of the cell phone to keep the images out of the public eye.  Kutcher’s lawyers countered with an offer of 50% of ticket sales from Ashton’s next movie.  No word on whether the cab driver follows Ashton’s career enough to know that would in fact be less than $1 million dollars. 

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3 responses to “Demi and Ashton (oops) Nude Photos

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  3. The cab driver was a bit confused upon first glance, thinking that someone had taken dirty pictures of a grandma and young male hooker. Apparently, Demi has stopped Botox on everything below the neck….

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