Amy Winehouse Missing Some Teeth


Amy Winehouse tries on her Halloween costume:  Herself.

Read about another drug addict: Britney Confused By Taco Bell

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24 responses to “Amy Winehouse Missing Some Teeth

  1. Winehouse shows her self depricating side when told that the GAP wants to use her in their next ad.

  2. After serious accusations were brought against Amy Winehouse for being a vampire she promptly went and had her ‘fangs’ pulled. Too bad that she still looks like a witch and will probably be burned at the stake…

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  5. first of all i think amy whinehouse is such a trashy bitch who’s got no damn talent!!!! so who ever thinks or is saying that this bitch has got talent is wrong because she doesnt. the person that’s got some fucking talent is my one and only girl p!nk aka alecia beth moore!!!!!!! now that girl’s got talent. so how about the next time you say that amy winehouse has got shit, think about what you’re saying next time. thanks and have a bless day. -sofia

  6. Well on her way to being able to give a good “gummer”

  7. hte point of that shiet it’ funny ?
    fucking assholes make me seak !

  8. leave amy alone preak’s !

  9. Leave her alone. So what she’s missing some teeth. Does it matter?
    All that matters is that she has talent and is a good person.

    Which she has/is both.

  10. Can’t she afford to get her teeth fixed by now? Or does she spend ALL her money on drugs?

  11. Drugs and fake beaufont hair.

  12. I am a singer song writer from austin texas who thinks amy all that and a bag of chips

  13. I am so sorry for Amy. She is better than George Bush. She says more than Bush in 10 seconds of any song.

    Yes, she is a mess but Bush is more of a mess.

  14. Yeah, it kinda matters she’s missing teeth when it’s caused by meth abuse… and she needs help.

  15. What did Bush have to do with anything, you idiot?

  16. talent galore with this babe. love her.

  17. Why is this news. What an ugly whore. And way to bring Bush into the conversation you ignorant fuck. I think Ricci Lake is on why don’t you get your unemployed welfare ass back on the couch and free up your momma phone line “John” you little bitch. Look at all the spelling errors on these p0sts. Any of you retards at least know enough to use a spell checker to hide your blatant ignorance. (might need a thesaurus for some of these words. Ha! Might need one to figure out what a thesaurus is. It’s a vicious circle of stupidity. Ahhhh!!!!!
    jk. But seriously. Fuck this stupid bitch, and, most of you reading about it.

  18. It seems like now-a-days she is getting a lot of publicity. Whether it is drugs, rehab, or awards, I think she is a talented woman with a problem that is common among singer. That she is missing some teeth, is something that she can take care of; however, I think she hasn’t because it gives her character. Has anybody thought about that? I don’t think it is big deal. She needs to watch her Meth addiction though, otherwise, she is going to be toothless very soon!

  19. I agree with Dyke on the irrelevance of some comments posted on this site; however, it seems like Dyke needs a Grammar and punctuation lesson herself/himself. Whatever she/he is! 🙂 There is so much anger out there! We don’t need more inmaturity and rude comments like this in the world. Dyke, Keep that in mind!

  20. well george michael never said about ‘pink’ that she was the best female vocalist he’d ever heard. pink?! come on… if you wanted to compare her maybe to aretha franklin or billy holiday, I’d say you could have ground for some debate, but i don’t think there’s any serious competition between ‘pink’ and amy winehouse… pff

  21. pink pink .pinks ok but amy despite her many ,many , many etc. issues. Is a incredible singer . Whether u like her or find her attractive have nothing 2 do with the talent thats there. i mean yes she no aretha or miss holiday or even the far superior KAREN CARPENTER but give her time. Amy will b around as long as her body can hold out with all the drug abuse . what a shame and that filth husband isn’t helping at all. but shes a grown up so whatever.

  22. You guys are all a bunch of fucking idiots. Pink sucks, Amy Winehouse sucks, they’re not even in the same category of music, but they both suck bad none the less.

    And… you fucking people need to stay in school past the 2nd grade and learn how to construct a sentence. Also read what you’re typing and correct spelling mistakes..


  23. Marcia Feingoldbaumstein

    She is like that other hebrew silverman….NO TALENT, personality, looks, charm. NOTHING!!!!

  24. She’s the female version of GG Alin.

    haha 🙂

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