Chris Crocker Slammed On Fox News


Recently, Fox News played a portion of Chris Crocker’s eccentric defense of Britney Spears during which they questioned his gender and even compared him to Bin Laden.  The station has consistently provided a conservative slant on the news, and this criticism of Crocker has only infuriated many gay rights supporters.  Fox News anchor Chris Wallace said in response, “I don’t hate gay people.  I am fine with gay people.  In fact, as an apology I’m willing to send Mr. Crocker on vacation to a tropical island.  An island far, far away.”

Read more about: Crazy Chris Crocker with Alexis Arquette

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4 responses to “Chris Crocker Slammed On Fox News

  1. “An island where he will be turned into a donkey and forced into labor for being a bad, bad boy”

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  3. The Island of Dr. Moreau where he/she will be greeted by a tiny polynesian midget and a sardonic, tall, Latino telling everyone to smile.

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