Howard K. Stern’s Gay Love Affair


In a newly released biography of the late Anna Nicole Smith, the author claims that Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead were lovers.  Howard K. Stern, never one to keep mum, responded to the allegations in a recent press conference: 

“Larry Birkhead and I have never had a sexual encounter of any kind.  It would be ludicrous to think the two of us were having a gay affair.  The longest I’ve ever been around Mr. Birkhead was during a one-on-one business meeting where his balls were in my face.  But that’s just friends.”

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12 responses to “Howard K. Stern’s Gay Love Affair

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  2. OK, the guys last name is BirkHEAD and he’s prettier than me….was anyone fooled by the cat fight?

  3. When asked about the affair Birkhead replied, “He was gay for me! I’m strait all I did was teabag him!”

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  5. Please be true. Please be true. Please be true. Please be true. I would love if they ended up together. How absurd would that be.

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  8. fukin homos need to come out of the closet. gay rights will never be complete if gays keep hiding there secret. be a voice! who gives a shit abouy the media and press…stop hiding your gayness!!!

  9. ***Award winner for most conflicted arguement ever: “andrew”***

    Probably the only gay-rights activist who has ever used the term “Fucking Homos.”

  10. HOWARD K STERN has a longtime girlfriend. He’s a heterosexual. LARRY BIRKHEAD is homosexual failed actor turned paparazzo who had a sperm donor contract with Anna Nicole. He wanted big money form Anna and broke the contract. After that Anna fled to Bahamas. LARRY BIRKHEAD lived with his gay lover in Burbank. Anna and her friends knew about his homosexuality.

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