Shakira Disses Wyclef Jean


An unreleased interview with Shakira was released today, and considering her comments on Wyclef Jean, we now understand the cover up:

“When we were recording the Hips Don’t Lie, I was very excite to have Wyclef involve.  I’ve always considered his music beautiful and full of the viva.  But I became angry when he tried to speak Spanish.  ¿Como se llama? Bonita.  Mi casa, su casa… What is your name?  Pretty.  My house, your house.  What the fuck does that mean??”

Read more about angry “celebrities:” Chris Crocker Furious Now



6 responses to “Shakira Disses Wyclef Jean

  1. When Jean was asked to reply to the banter that was released by the pop diva, all he could say was “Shakera! Shakera!…”

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  3. leave her alone!Stupid lies float everywere i guess.Anybody that see’s that pic above those lies will have to know it’s a lie.She probebly wrote that with him.

  4. ggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  5. ana maya how are you??? ok chaaaaaaawe

  6. Shakiras Lawyer

    Thats bullshyt.

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