Hasselhoff Poisoned By Awesomeness


Last night, David Hasselhoff checked himself into the hospital after a night of binge drinking and partying with large breasted women.  By the end of the night, Hasselhoff had ripped his shirt off screaming, “I can save anybody from drowning!  Where did I park the Delorian!?”  Which was awkward because in Knight Rider he drove a Pontiac Trans-Am named ‘Kit.’  Friends suggested Hasselhoff see a doctor when he attempted to run through the bar in slow motion.  Doctors later explained Hasselhoff had been poisoned by alcohol–not awesomeness.

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3 responses to “Hasselhoff Poisoned By Awesomeness

  1. Unfortunately, David Hasselhoff forgot that he was in the States when he had his wild night out. Now, if he had been in Germany people would have thought his behavior was something to be admired. (along with the love rug he has on his chest…) Everyone knows that Germans love David Hasselhoff.

  2. This is pretty much the greatest title for a post ever.

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