Hugh Hefner’s Penis Surgery.


Hugh Hefner had experimental surgery last week to ensure his body could keep up with his world-record-setting libido. Doctors injected a special compound into Hefner’s penis which will allow for his member to remain erect constantly. Seen here, Paris Hilton is secretly being poked by the original Playboy. Hefner commented, “Who would have ever thought medicine would have come so far? When I was young, the only sexual enhancements for men were roofies.”

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13 responses to “Hugh Hefner’s Penis Surgery.

  1. Recently Hugh Hefner celebrated with Paris Hilton the restoration of the Playboy Mansion. Apparently the neatly stuccoed walls were scrapped and painted a nice hue of purple. When asked about the walls being remodeled Hef replied, “Stucco? They were never stuccoed, that’s just years of build up and you didn’t sit in gum.”

  2. Immediatly after this picture was taken, Paris woke in a bathtub full of ice with only one kidney, one lung and missing an arm. Apparently Hefner is slowly rebuilding himself one bodypart at a time, as his ‘old’ parts are turning to sand. Unfortunately, he is having a real problem finding someone in his midst to help him out with a brain transplant.

  3. Nikki: I hear he is on the prowl for that brain transplant but wanted to find someone unemployed, who looked at the world the same way he does–this would explain why Bill Clinton will not appear at any of Hugh’s functions.

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  5. I love hugh Hefner, and all the girls.
    i would love to be able to talk to them and ask them so many questions about there lifes and what it is like to be a girlfriend of the number one man in the world. xxx

  6. Danielle you are sick.

  7. is this a real picture?!!
    danielle you are a sad sad sad girl!!

  8. Danielle is not a sad person, you just feel sad because of what they said. just because they think differently than you doesnt mean you are better than they are, ya know? just like you are not better than Hugh. so what if all those girls want to live like that and hang out with him for whatever reason they have- just because you think it is a shallow reason doesnt mean it is not a reason. you probably do things that someone else would think is shallow. everytime judgement comes into play, separation occurs and love is denied and then humanity loses yet another chance to evolve. my advice is to allow others the kind of life they want to live and if you like it, join in, if not, then just focus on what you want to do, instead of projecting onto them your values. live and let live.

  9. I agree with jc 100 %

  10. I imagine Hefner’s penis is still kind of limp, probably covered in warts, and maybe has a strange hard spot at the head. I think his penis probably smells musty, like an old-age home. I’m so grossed out.

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  13. Women always say that the girlfriends of rich old men are shallow, but isn’t it also shallow to deny yourself a life of luxury and financial security because you don’t like how your partner looks? That seems pretty shallow to me, too.

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