Halle Berry Struggles With Blackness

Halle Berry is black. 


In a recent interview, Halle Berry discussed the difficulty she still faces in Hollywood as a black woman. “I shouldn’t have had to try so hard to be considered because of my color— it should be on my acting merit,” she said. Movie producer Brian Grazer responded to allegations that he tuned Berry down for a role because she is black by saying, “Halle is a fine actress, but she was wanting to play Queen Elizabeth. Some movies are under historical constraints, which can put racial restrictions on certain roles.” Grazer concluded with, “Halle can’t be too mad. I promised her a role in the next rap movie I do. Maybe 8 Mile part II: Blacks Rap The Best.”

Read more about prejudices: “Chris Crocker is extra gay” (Fox News)

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9 responses to “Halle Berry Struggles With Blackness

  1. Halle was further outraged when Grazer then asked her if he could make a documentary of her life and call it ‘The Darker the ‘Berry’ The Sweeter the Juice’

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  4. are you kidding me? that’s not racist. A white woman would get rejected if she wanted to play a role in a Harriet Tubman film or one of the main characters of Roots. I don’t think the white people are racist against blacks [excuse me, African Americans], I think it’s the other way around.

  5. i don’t think so

  6. Was she stupid to want to play Queen Elizabeth…yup! – but no more stupid than Elizabeth Taylor being African/Egyptian.

    And “oh please” black are SOOO racist…

    Remember when black people set up the Jim Crow laws after whites were released from slavery, and hosed down white people trying to stop them from voting and when blacks started the KKK? Oh and don’t forget all the white people that were lynched up into the 70’s by black mobs…. ya know, cause white people aren’t racist right? FAIL!

  7. I agree with whoever wrote yea right

    white people give black people a reason to be mad/racist because if you look back in history and see all the stuff that the white folks did to us black folk so don’t go pulling that crap…..your the one thats acting racist and let me guess…your white?

  8. LOL, wow. Such a touchy topic. I totally agree with the “yeah right” person. The “Oh please” person should get their facts right before they say its the other way around. The way I see it, the world is run in white eyes. And of course we have those who would say, why don’t the blacks step up and do something about it. Well, we are trying, not all of us, but some, and its really hard. But were getting there. Some how.

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