Orlando Bloom Wrecks Parked Car


Last night after 2:00am, Orlando Bloom crashed his car into a parked Porche Cayenne.  Police deny that Bloom was under the influence of alcohol or any other controlled substance.  However, sources revealed to Lights Camera Caption that he had in fact been smoking the Longbottom Leaf given to him by Merry and Pippin.

Read more about hobbits:  Bobby Brown

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3 responses to “Orlando Bloom Wrecks Parked Car

  1. I love it when celebrities smash into parked cars. That is amazing.

  2. Poor Orlando, can’t get a break in the Kingdom of Heaven.

  3. As soon as police arrived on the scene, Orlando was tayzerd and hog tied. It seems that the police had forgotten that the UniBomber had been caught already.

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