Kevin Federline: “Black People Rule”


While Britney Spears tried to convince the judge to grant her sleepover parties with the kids, Kevin Federline filmed episode seven of his series of guest appearances on One Tree Hill. When Lights Camera Caption asked why he thought the producers had chosen him to be a part of the show, Federline said, “Because they recognize the skill. I’m like the white Denzel Washington. Nah, nah. I’m the white Jamie Foxx.” So why does he refer to himself as the white versions of established black actors: “Because black people are way better than white people, dog.” But what about his sons with Britney Spears? They’re white: “Yeah. They are pretty white. But they’re like the white version of Kevin Federline.”

Read more about racial confusion:  Halle Berry Struggles With Blackness 



3 responses to “Kevin Federline: “Black People Rule”

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  2. Cornrow’s be itchin’!!

  3. Oh my. K-Fed is a serious piece of work. Gotta love him.

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