Look At Beyonce’s Boobs


Which of these two boobs is the best?  Is one bigger than the other?  Is one more prone to cancer than the other?  Which one does Jay-Z like better?  If one slips out, will we have six more weeks of winter?  Wait, that one doesn’t fit the ironic innuendo at all.

Read more about these two boobs:  Kanye West and 50 Cent 

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4 responses to “Look At Beyonce’s Boobs

  1. This picture of Beyonce was taken at the premeir of the new movie ‘HeMan’. Beyonce will play the role of Shela, HeMan’s sexy gladiator sidekick.

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  3. A fine example of the many uses of 2-sided duct tape.

  4. That looks horrible!
    The left ones better

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