Nelly Furtado Has Blonde Hair (why)


Alicia: I’ve always wanted to meet you, Paris Hilton.

Nelly: I’m not Paris Hilton. Don’t you know me… maybe this will help. I’m like a biiird, I’ll only fly aw–

Alicia: Stop that, Paris Hilton! Damn. Maybe you should use that supercomputer on your wrist to time travel and rethink that song. And that wig.

Read more about another sexy blonde: Chris Crocker


10 responses to “Nelly Furtado Has Blonde Hair (why)

  1. Looks like Vera Wang had a two for one sale…(just change the straps and no one will know!)

  2. Awww Man Leave Nelly Alone!

    Have You Seen Her Hair In the Munich Ema Awards! Its So Nice! Just Coz She Gone Blonde!
    Dont Dis Her YEah? 😦

    Shes Wicked!!

  3. I guess she really does want to be promiscuous.

  4. Blonde does not suit nelly at all man, she should get her natural her back!

  5. oh no!!!! why did she do that????? That’s stupiiiiiiid she was very pretty before but now with her blond hair she’s less beautiful than she was before!!

  6. i luvnelly furtado and alicia but nelly dose not look nothing like paris she ewwwww. nelly is my idol too mee she is always pretty

  7. UGLY!
    She Is SO Ugly With Blonde Hair!
    Blond Is Not Ugly, But Nelly With Blonde?

  8. shut da fuk up she aint ugly

  9. nelly with blonde looks yuck but she very looks like me withe brown hair and stop fucking each others

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