Degeneres’ dog is safe (away from her)


Ellen shoud never own animals. Not even hermit crabs.


The dispute over Ellen Degeneres’ estranged dog, Iggy, is finally over. After Ellen gave the dog away to her hair dresser and 12 year old daughter, the animal adoption agency has striped the dog from them and placed it into another home. When asked for a comment on why they would object to Ellen’s choice of placement for her former dog, the animal shelter replied, “We felt that Iggy was in peril in the hands of lesbians and the friends of lesbians. Lesbians are known for being an aggressive breed, so we did what we had to do.”


Read more about animal abuse: Paris Hilton loves wildlife

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12 responses to “Degeneres’ dog is safe (away from her)

  1. Bull.

    Gays/lesbians are often stereotyped by rescue groups as being *better than average* pet owners.

    Don’t pull the gay card.

  2. Gay card? I’ve got a card for you–Red Card!! You’re out of the game!!!

    Thanks for reading. And the stimulating debate.

  3. Damn those *stereotypes*…I refuse to believe any of them, including the one that gay people are *WAY too sensitive*. Nope, not gonna believe it. I know lots of gay people that are secure in themselves and can laugh at jokes. No *stereotypes* for me (or pink or flannel cards).

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  5. HOw bad is that?? OMG!!! I love Ellen Degeneres…why do people bug her…just leave her alone…LOL

  6. That was a dog? I feel a lot better about Ellen’s choice of pets now. I thought that was one fugly rat! I couldn’t understand why it hadn’t already been put to sleep…………………………………………………….with a sledge hammer.


  7. I’m sorry, I laughed my ass off first because I thought the picture meant Ellen killed the dog because her hairdresser’s sister’s best friend or whoever couldn’t have it. Then, and so sorry to disagree with your first commenter, but the gay card is HI-larious here. The rescuers felt Iggy was in the hands of aggressive lesbians . . . ! That is too funny. Great post.

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  9. Sara [{OMG thats stupid}]

    OMFG why on earth would you say that. Thats to stupid. Oh just because they are lesbians means that they shouldn’t own animals because they’re aggressive I mean come on people are you retarded. Ellen and portia are probably the nicest people i know. You people are outta your minds. Come on its the 21st century you think that people would get over this whole gay thing and move on with their lives just cause there gay is no reason for people to say stuff about them.

  10. I think the dog should be free to make it’s own decisions about it’s sexuality.

  11. <> that was the best comment ever! LOL

  12. she certainly doesn’t know about firearm safety…

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