J. Lo’s “Brave” album tanks

America realizes she can’t sing


Maybe it was the time away from the limelight, maybe it was her Star Trek themed album cover, or maybe it was just her voice. But the Jennifer Lopez of the past is now officially just that. Her new album Brave won’t even debut in the top 10 when the numbers are released later this week. Even her Spanish language album debuted higher than Brave. So it’s official, J. Lo is no longer the out of sight starlet we once knew. Perhaps she can be a wedding planner or a maid in Manhattan because Selena is for sure rolling over in her grave. Clearly everyone’s had enough. Even Sir Mix A Lot’s anaconda don’t want none despite her buns… hun.


Now read about J. Lo’s babies. Maybe they’ll be able to sing.

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4 responses to “J. Lo’s “Brave” album tanks

  1. I think this just shows that J-Lo would rather do herself than her nasty looking rat husband.

  2. Mi carrera está muerta!!!

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  4. I saw part of a J-Lo video for this new album. She was dancing in a rain slicker mini. It wasn’t hot. Not at all.

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