Paris Hilton’s New Show: “The Philanthropist”

She has much to offer starving children


In November, Paris Hilton will be leaving the country.  But don’t get your celebrity-obsessed panties in a wad just yet, the camera crews are following her around.  Again.  Paris tells the press that she is a new woman after her life changing stint in jail and wants to give back by spending time in Rwanda.  The reality show chronicling her journey through Africa is tentatively titled “The Philanthropist.”  In other news, God is laughing from on high.


Read more about irony:  Girls Gone Wild is sexist

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21 responses to “Paris Hilton’s New Show: “The Philanthropist”

  1. Problems are already rampant on the set of the new show ‘The Simple Life -Rwanda’…it seems that producers are having a hard time making it ‘hilarious’ since these people have REAL problems and making fun of them just isn’t funny. Hopefully they will sell Paris into slave labor….that would be ‘hilarious’!!!

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  8. Princess Rwanda

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  20. Me gusta mucho la foto pero se veria mejor sin esa bandera porque no se puede apreciar bien el panorama

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