David Copperfield: magically arrested!

Real handcuffs make escape more difficult



David Copperfield is being investigated by authorities for what was at first an unknown crime. Officer Mike McClure and his team raided a warehouse in Las Vegas owned by Copperfield. There they confiscated a computer hard drive, a digital camera system, and $2 million in cash. The press was not allowed on the scene, however, we have for you a transcribed version of the recording from the police radio:

Officer McClure: This has gone on long enough. We should have known better than to trust a musician!

Copperfield:Musician!? I’m no musician. I’m David Copperfield, Las Vegas’ most famous drug dealer–No! Magician! I’m a magician!


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183 responses to “David Copperfield: magically arrested!

  1. Somehow Copperfield managed to ‘magic’ himself back from the dead…and ‘magic’ himself a plastic surgeon to help him ‘magically’ look suspiciously like a Ken doll. Hmmm. I think that it is really Satan all dolled up like David so he can ‘magically’ take over the world…he ‘magic’d’ his soul to the Devil!!

  2. Here come the jokes…

  3. David Copperfield didn’t do anything. What reason is there for him to do anything wrong. Anyone who thinks he did it, well then prove it. AND HES NO DEVIL SO FORGET I NIKKI, WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT HIM……NOTHING! ARE YOU A MAGICIAN!? PROBABLY NOT, BUT I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Man crush much Nick? David Cop-a-feel has impregnated your mind with idiocy? Having a Harry Potter wand doesn’t make you a magician.

  5. Ryan~
    I am above your elementary insults!!! Get a job instead of talking to 13 year olds who do magic shows at schools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET A LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Nick, Nick, Nick…

    I am not a ‘magician’ because everyone knows they aren’t real. I am, however, a socerer!! My favorite thing to do is dress up in my awsome capes and robes and tote my staff and mighty wand out on the town. I have a very active social life, what with all the D and D partys I host. I am now in awe of you, oh mighty magician Nick. Will you help me in my quest to find the ring??!

  7. Nikki`
    Wow you need to get a life. Go find the ring with your imagenary friend. You are not important so I will make you disappear. One, two, three your gone!!!!!!!!

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    Enlightenment of a technological age.

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  159. lakitchensink

    Holy wow. I’m so confused as to what happened here. Who are you people? And why are you all making fun of yourselves? None of this makes any sense.

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