Rick Solomon + poker = Pam Anderson!

Pamela wears a 400 carat plastic ring on her head


Pamela Anderson says that gambling had a heavy hand in her relationship with Rick Solomon.  After losing $250,000 to Solomon in a poker game, Pamela was freed from her debt when her husband to be said he’d take a kiss instead.  The rest is right out of a fairy tale.  A very sexy fair tale.  “I’ve been plotting and scheming for the past 15 years, and I finally got the girl,” Solomon tells OK! magazine.  “I’ve always been trying to get Pam, even through my relationships with Shannon Doherty, Drew Barrymore, Paris Hilton, and that one time with the sheep.  She’s always been the one.”


Read more about Pam and Rick:  Sex tapes 101

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2 responses to “Rick Solomon + poker = Pam Anderson!

  1. Maybe they both took the old saying

    ‘Poker in the front
    Liquor in the back’

    a little to literally!!

  2. I hope this doesn’t stall the next installments of Barbed Wire.

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