Tiger Woods loves Gatorade (because he’s paid to)

Tiger Woods is richer.  And tastes great too!


Tiger woods has landed a $100 million endorsement deal with Gatorade.  For the next five years, Tiger woods will be the face of Gatorade ‘Tiger.’  While no one is winning any awards for creativity as far as the name goes, the television spots are sure to garner attention.  Continuing with the “Is It In You?” campaign, Tiger will be sweating and bleeding the color of his namesake Gatorade.  When asked what color his blood is going to be, Tiger responded angrily, “God!  What is it with you people?  I’m multi-racial! …Oh.  Wait.  Uh, blue I think.”


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7 responses to “Tiger Woods loves Gatorade (because he’s paid to)

  1. Tiger Woods will be dressed as Tony the Tiger in these new commercials and has to yell ‘Gatorade is GRRRREAT!!’

  2. I have no idea why Gatorade would blow 100m on Tiger Woods. Every Superbowl Gatorade just sets up a big barrel of the stuff close to the players bench and get 3 hours of free advertising for thier product, while other companies pay like a million a minute for thier Superbowl ads.

  3. oh well tigers worth the 100 mil

  4. I will never drink or buy gatorade again. $100 million is outlandish. Did we not learn from the meltdown?

  5. I think it’s ok. He was a genius.

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