Winehouse busted for drugs, world shocked to its core


Amy Winehouse was busted yesterday for possession of a quarter of an ounce of pot. The rest of the world was floored when they found out the singer was a pot smoker. While the singer has recently lost a dramatic amount of weight, family and friends chalked it up to a simple case of bulimia and gave her laxatives to help her cut pounds. “In Hollywood, you have to be thin,” said Winehouse’s mother. “But marijuana? That’s just unacceptable.” Head of the DEA, Doug Smith also commented on the situation, “Thank God we busted Winehouse for this quarter of pot. We really feel like we’ve made a difference out there. Every drug cartel should feel the rippling effects of this take down.”


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6 responses to “Winehouse busted for drugs, world shocked to its core

  1. What they didn’t find was the 6 lbs of Cocaine she has hidden in the tumor on the back of her head!

  2. Drugs? What drugs? So what if she chooses to wear a black octopus on her head as a fashion accessory.

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  4. why care what she does with her life we like her music not her and its none of are biseness so just let her get on with it ……….. i know that it gives the wrong impression to kids but most of them dont realy no how bad this drug is anywa

  5. I think your cool @ Singing @ dancing @your mates are cool as well write back soon

  6. Who the hell did her eyelashes?

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