Kid Rock arrested for loving Waffle House

Kid Rock is a beautiful man. 


Kid Rock (aka Bob Richie) was arrested at the Waffle House for a run in with another Waffle enthusiast.  After a brief scuffle, Rock and his entourage left the scene.  Police pulled over the tour bus and arrested Rock and members of his crew.  Ironically, they only wanted to talk to the singer but ended up arresting him for not cooperating with authorities when he informed them he had just finished a sold out show.  “He is clearly a liar.  A mangy-looking liar.  There’s no way in hell Kid Rock could have a sold out show these days.  So we cuffed him,” said the arresting officer.

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7 responses to “Kid Rock arrested for loving Waffle House

  1. Of all celebrity arrests and subsequent scuzzy mug shots, Kid Rock being arrested would have to be the least surprising.

    I would be shocked if Kid Rock were able to go any length of time without being arrested, honestly.

  2. What self respecting redneck would not throw down and defend his honor in the presence of skanks at the Waffle House? This is so white trash but great media exposure for Kid Rock. He has a new album to pimp and news like this reinforces his “badass” monicker among his fans.

  3. Kid Rock is straight up man pretty. Just cause he got a mug shot where you can’t find his eyeballs cuz they are so swollen from the 15 lbs of pot he just smoked (in order to stomach the Waffel House food) and his neck looks bigger than the tops of my thighs does NOT mean he is not a big ol’ piece of dirty man candy. Bet he shops at Walmart.

  4. I loved a waffle house once…..once.

  5. Officer Bar Brady

    It is important to smile when you get your mug shot.

    Nothing to see here. Keep it moving…

  6. I love kidrock!! And whoever he got in a fight with apparently he needed a chair slammed over his fat head!! Because he was the idiot that ran his smart jealous mouth!! So go Kidrock! Also glad he came back for the community to give something back!As far as his mug shot goes-you should see mine?!!

  7. It’s the mug snapper’s job to make people look guilty… job security. 🙂

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