Tom Brady beats Dolphins, shocks reporters

Tom Brady likes football and scoring. 


Tom Brady threw a team-record six touch downs leading to a victory over the Miami Dolphins.  Brady has been an incredible icon in the world of football.  An all American, handsome, cordial, California native, Brady has set the world of football on fire.  After his impressive win over the Dolphins, reporters swarmed Brady asking him question after question.  After one reporter asked, “What inspires you when you’re on the field?”  Brady silenced the crowd when he blurted out:  “My girlfriend’s vagina!”  After a very pregnant pause, the reporter asked, “Is that it?”  Brady did try to follow up, but still let most of the reporters down: “Oh God no!  Her breasts are fantastic, too.”

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Read more on breasts:

5 responses to “Tom Brady beats Dolphins, shocks reporters

  1. If this story is true …

    Tom Brady is a disgust with morbid man with his libido always found filthy flow

  2. His girlfriend, the model Gisele Bundchen, has some pretty inspiring parts. I think most reporters nodded in agreement….or was it envy?

  3. I don’t know, what do you think would inspire Mr. Brady? How about something called winning?

  4. I think Matia needs a better ‘learn English fast’ book….wha????

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