Paul McCartney’s new album: ‘Nursing Home Blues’

McCartney’s new boss:  his cell phone 


Paul McCartney, who is coming up on his 107th birthday, has settled on a title for his next album.  His inspiration:  a cell phone.  After years of thought provoking album titles such as Strawberries, Oceans, Ships, Forrest; Flowers in the Dirt; and Back to the Egg, his latest album title is:  Memory Almost Full.  McCartney read the message on his cell phone and decided to use the phrase.  He said, “It seemed symbolic of our lives today.  Your messages are always full.  And your mind is full.  I think that we all need to delete stuff every so often.”  McCartney already has other albums in the works with predetermined titles for each.  In order by release date:  Hello Moto, You’ve Got Mail!, and Can You Hear Me Now?  Good.

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6 responses to “Paul McCartney’s new album: ‘Nursing Home Blues’

  1. LOW BATTERY seems a lot more appropriate for one so close to death.

    Hate to be morbid, but tell me I’m wrong…

  2. Or how about ‘I LIKE ONE LEGGED, GOLD DIGGIN’ CHICKS’? That pops up on MY phone all the time.

  3. How about “Damn, I broke my hip” or “Why does it hurt to piss” or “Stool softner, prune juice, and slip and slide equal one nasty ride.” Too much?

  4. How about ‘I never got any attention because I was the ugly untalented one??!’
    That would be a good title Paul! Those face lifts not helping you look so good now, huh!??
    At least I know to sign a pre-nup…not that any hot chicks wanna marry me….

  5. I’m anxiously awaiting “Please Hang Up and Try Again” and the critically acclaimed follow up album, “Your Call Cannot Be Completed As Dialed.”

  6. Harry Conneck Jr.

    Hey! I thought I was the one that got to use the ‘phone’ thing! Damn you McCartney!!

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