Jackie Chan sings Olympic song

Chan has released several albums in China 


Capitalizing on the success of the über-talented William Hung, Jackie Chan has been tapped to sing the official countdown song to the Beijing Olympics 2008.  Titled “We Are Ready,” producers were asked why they didn’t choose a less stiff title like “We’re Ready” instead.  “We thought about that and even tried having Jackie singing it that way.  But when he uses contractions, Jackie sounds a lot like a retard.”  When asked if there would be a Chinese version of the song, producer Peter Kam said, “Didn’t we just do that?” 

Kam’s manager explained to him that Chan is Chinese, but actually performed the song in English.  Following up, and slightly embarrassed, Kam said, “We are planning a Mandarin Chinese version of the song!  We plan on having over 100 Chinese pop stars singing it.”  When one reporter asked why so many artists citing that “We Are the World” only needed 35 pop stars, Kam said, “Yes.  But that was in English.  Fewer than 50 Chinese people singing together sounds a lot like metal smashing together.”

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5 responses to “Jackie Chan sings Olympic song

  1. Thank God the Asian’s are picking on someone else’s music!!! Those little bastards float like flowers but sting like bees…..

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