Mariah Carey’s fragrance: Much like her breasts


Mariah Carey has launched her debut fragrance, M.  In this photo, Mariah shows off the smallest bottle available.  Mariah commented on why her fragrance was sold in what some would call over-sized bottles: 

 “Mariah Carey’s fragrance comes only in 1/2 gallon bottles because Mariah Carey’s fragrance is bold, sensual, and big-breasted.  Just like Mariah Carey, you get more than you would ever ask for.  You will wear Mariah Carey’s fragrance until the bottle is empty and you will look at Mariah Carey’s breasts whether you want to or not.”

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4 responses to “Mariah Carey’s fragrance: Much like her breasts

  1. Mariah carey is a great singer! mariah is my favorite idol ever!go mariah!clown is off the chain and so is bye bye!

  2. Mariah Carey will be a perfect mom when she has a baby. I am not sure if she is already pregnant but I hope she is and that she will have a great family life with Nick Cannon

  3. Rumors that Mariah Carey might be pregnant is spreading. I hope she and Nick can start a family soon. Im so happy for you both.

  4. Mariah Carey I hope you stay awesome and kind hearted. Your voice is really wonderful and I love your songs very much. I am happy for you and your husband Nick

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