Paris and Rwanda: Psyche!

Unfortunately The Philanthropist, Paris Hilton’s reality show located in Rwanda, has been postponed.  The foundation which was to fund the trip, Playing for Good, is supposedly restructuring.  However an insider with the foundation reports exclusively to Lights Camera Caption that they postponed the trip after a preperatory meeting with Hilton.  “We showed her some photos of Rwanda, and I swear to God, the first photo she saw of a little Rwandan boy, she said in that really throaty way, ‘Ew.'”

The foundation also decided they wanted a representative who was less interested in rape and bondage:


Paris in Repo! The Genetic Opera

digg.png  delicious.png


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2 responses to “Paris and Rwanda: Psyche!

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  2. Man, I just saw that movie, and you are completely misrepresnting both her AND the character. Screeeew yew.

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