Mario Lopez fights the policia


The police laughed at Mario Lopez until he crushed them with his giant ass muscle.  Then things weren’t so funny.

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Read more about giant ass muscles:


13 responses to “Mario Lopez fights the policia

  1. I can’t believe Mario Lopez wore this. Not that he doesn’t look great, but come on. Does he always have to rub it in our faces?

    Great blog, by the way.

  2. That is not me! i have never worn that! I ‘ve got stronger muscles!

  3. WOW!!! He is so HOT I love his body and when he smiles I can see his cute dimple! the police should not be laughing at him they should be embarrased that they do not look as him.

  4. He looks like he is trying to attract a guy to give it to him up that bare ass!

  5. I always thought Mario Lopez was gay…This proofs it! But I’m surprised he is so desperate to get it up the ass that he has to show bare ass coming out of that tiny bikini in public!

  6. mario you are so cute and wonderful man and personality and powerful or gratefulness. I love you all my heart and soul. BABY, I want you to be my lover and honey pie or friendship. I wish you to touch my hands so soft like a flower and feather. MARIO LOPEZ JR. I love you very much that he is so hot and gorgeous smile and dimple and wonderful body in the whole wide world .My name is CARY ORTEGA I am very nice and pretty or sexy dressses and make -up and I love to wear a pants and short or sexy legs and I love to write a computer and love letter for wonderful guy name MARIO LOPEZ . I am crazy about you all the time because you are so cute and sexy dimple and I am falling in love with you and I will to go sleepingon the bed and I thinking about all the time and I love you very much that he is so cute and sexy dimple and biggest kisses and hugging like a teddybear and wonderful man and I love you too…… SIGN your friend CARY ORTEGA


  8. one thing I have to say HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  9. melinda (not the one before me)

    Firstly, I like the person who posted before me because they have my name. second I want to know why the police assaulted him, and he should really wear more cloths as a general rule

  10. was it really mario lopez who wrote the third comment!!!
    if it’s him!! GOD please come to write something o my web site evn if it’s in french !! I understand Enlish.

  11. Look at Mr. Saved by the Bell!
    Looks like he has been flexing something else than his acting skills. I think he would be on my gaydar with that pic . ( for those of you do not know the term gaydar watch the office or check out they have an ad that explains it all

  12. HELLO! That’s not the police! That’s just the doorman/security for Hugh Heffner’s Halloween party, and Mario was a guest.

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