Who the heck is ‘we’ at Lights Camera Caption? That’s an excellent question. Mostly it is me, but I attribute many of my creative inspirations to my friends, family, and site commenters. So even if you don’t know it, your ideas could become my ideas and end up on this blog.

Here’s the part where I want to discuss the social culture that has formed around celebrities. But I’m not going to. I could. Just know that I think about it. I think about a lot of smart things. Sometimes fractions.

You can contact me through Gmail with my code name joewithanl. Or you can leave me a comment to tell me what your feelings are. But best of all, if you have your own caption to add (especially if you think it’s better than mine) please leave it. If I’m giving you all this good stuff, the least you can do is give a little back.




2 responses to “Author(s)

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  2. Hi LightsCameraCaption,

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