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Aaron Carter Jailed In Texas After Drug Arrest

Confusion Leads to Incarceration.   


Carter was arrested and jailed Thursday for marijuana possession after being pulled over for a routine speeding violation.  The arresting officer said he probably would have let him go with a warning had Carter not been sporting a chin-pussy and a mullet.

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UPDATE: Ashton and Demi’s Nude Photos


As previously reported, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s racy pics landed in the wrong hands. While both stars are said to be nude in the photos, one specifically is described as Demi “sprawled naked on a bed with a light and dark red-patterned pillow propping her lower back.” The cab driver who found these pictures (nearly 35 of them) has demanded $1 million to return the phone. Reportedly, the couple was at first non-compliant but, after a phone call from the blackmailer, have since had a change of heart. The cab driver has threatened to pleasure himself while looking at Demi until they give into his demands or feel the watchful eyes of Jesus condemning them for their exhibitionism. What he didn’t realize is that many just like him do exactly that with the Striptease DVD.

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Demi and Ashton (oops) Nude Photos


A cab driver has found Ashton Kutcher’s cell phone with close to thrity images of Ashton and Demi Moore in compromising photos.  The cab driver has demanded $1 million dollars for the return of the cell phone to keep the images out of the public eye.  Kutcher’s lawyers countered with an offer of 50% of ticket sales from Ashton’s next movie.  No word on whether the cab driver follows Ashton’s career enough to know that would in fact be less than $1 million dollars. 

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