Britney and Princess Diana: Kindred Spirits?


Britney Spears has recently expressed concern that she faces the same destiny as Princess Diana.  She has filled one room of her house with photos, books, and other memorabilia of the late princess of Wales.  Britney has been spotted carrying a doll bearing a resemblance to Diana, and, according to one source, talks to it and asks it for advice.




Britney has many things in common with Princess Diana.  Both were philanthropists with hearts of gold, both were wonderful with children, and both Britney and the beloved princess had their kooch photo documented more than a porn star.

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3 responses to “Britney and Princess Diana: Kindred Spirits?

  1. I personally think that Britney is wearing one of Princess Di’s outfits in the above pic!

  2. I like the dress i have one like that HERE IS MY FULL gallery

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